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What age can my son or daughter start playing?

We currently have programs for ages 3-18. Our beginner age level is our 3 and 4 year old division which is tee-ball.

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My child is in tee ball. What equipment does he/she need?

The only thing that a Dixie tee ball player needs is a pair of tennis shoes or (plastic) cleats and a glove.

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My daughter is in Darlings. Is this coach pitch or child player pitched?

Dixie Darlings is a coach pitch age level. These young players are developing eye hand coordination as well as beginning levels of basic skills. Player pitching is done at the end of a season as the coaches deem teams ready.

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Does my child need to have softball experience to play in this league?

No. HYL Dixie softball is a recreational /instructional league. All players at every age level are not required to be skilled players.

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